If there's one quality we look for in our staff, it's originality. Being innovative comes naturally for our people - we're always thinking differently and challenging ourselves to come up with ingenious ideas to make our customers' lives easier, help us work more efficiently, push expectations and try for something even better.

We're hands-on. We get fired up about what we do. We're diligent. We're down to earth. We enjoy change. We're professional. We're approachable. We're excited about what's ahead. We like to laugh and enjoy what we do.

Really, it's all about attitude. If you're the kind of person who thinks it's never okay to be just 'okay' at your job, you're in the right place. For a taste of what we look for in our team members, watch our video.

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Ben Davison - Apprentice Profile

For Ben Davison, a highly ambitious 21 year old from Consett, County Durham, taking up an apprenticeship scheme at Quantum Pharmaceutical has led to a career he'd never have imagined when leaving school in 2009.

"I chose Quantum because it sounded far more interesting than other careers on offer and I'm really glad I did. Taking up the apprenticeship has not only given me a career structure and qualifications but I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm ultimately helping those who are ill to get better."

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