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Catherine Brown, Head of Commercial


Dedicated support around the clock

With growing Government pressures on the Healthcare sector to provide 24/7, patient-focused care, we're sensitive to the support required by pharmacies to deliver an efficient morning until night service.

Speed is of the essence when getting medicines to anxious patients and demand doesn't stop after office hours. So, we've continued to innovate to make the process of sourcing high-quality, bespoke or hard-to-find products simple and efficient so you can meet your customers' needs around the clock.

Offering our services beyond a typical nine to five was introduced in response to an ever more challenging Healthcare market. We provide:

  • Extensive opening times, which span from 8am until 10pm most days to match the working patterns of our pharmacy customers.
  • Market-leading, cut-off times. If it's something we stock, orders can be placed as late as 9pm for delivery by noon next day. If it's product we make, pharmacies can order by 6pm and items will still arrive by noon next day.

Catherine Brown, Head of Commercial at Quantum Pharmaceutical says: "Our ability to offer longer opening hours and rapid turnaround times is a true testament to our customer service ethos and efficient, dedicated operational teams."

"We recognise the role of our staff in driving efficiencies and ensure that each member is thoroughly trained, has the experience and knowledge to advise customers and process orders instantly while they are on the phone."

"Further to that, despite never knowing which of the thousands of items on our system will be requested at a given time, we are able to order, manufacture and deliver orders following vigorous quality control checks in as little as 15 hours*. This is the result of having steadily refined and improved our quality processes over a decade enabling us to work to late cut-off times and guarantee next morning delivery."

"We understand that pharmacies are under immense pressure to source timely medications for customers. So, our dedicated staff will stay until the last order is fulfilled ensuring your patients are provided with medication when they need it most."

We're on hand to help!

For more information about our market-leading opening and cut-off times, contact the Commercial team on 01207 279407 or click here for an overview.

*Based on an order being placed by 6pm and delivery being made from 9am next morning.