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Quantum meets MediCare pharmacists.


Quantum Pharmaceutical meets MediCare pharmacists in Belfast

Emma Evanson of Quantum Pharmaceutical, the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of unlicensed medicines and special obtain products, attended this year's MediCare Pharmacist Meetings in Belfast and delivered three informative presentations across the city.

The meetings, held between the 23rd and 25th of March, were attended by pharmacists keen to know more about the difference between licensed and unlicensed medicines and how they should go about obtaining specials and hard-to-source products not stocked by their mainline wholesaler. Quantum Pharmaceutical also gave delegates insight into the specials manufacturing process and discussed how the future of specials dispensing could change, were a tariff to be introduced as in England, Wales and Scotland.

Emma, who is Head of Regional and Independent Accounts at Quantum Pharmaceutical, also took the opportunity to outline the key steps involved in obtaining unlicensed medication and also the processes in place to ensure MediCare Pharmacy Group receives a fast and efficient service.

"We believe a pharmacist should only partner with a trusted, reputable supplier who is on hand to give reliable product and technical advice should the need arise. These meetings provided us with a great forum to discuss our service and give a deeper insight into the specials market. I was able to talk with delegates one-on-one to gain their feedback and ensure we are doing everything possible to help them navigate this niche area of pharmacy,"" Emma explained.

MediCare Pharmacy Group is one of the many Quantum Pharmaceutical customers benefiting from its range of over 22,000 specials and access to over 300 suppliers of special obtains, the hard-to-source products that aren't available from mainline wholesalers, such as gluten-free foods and compression hosiery.