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Small stickers are making a big difference to Quantum Pharmaceuticals pharmacy customers.


Peel, stick and submit: Quantum Pharmaceutical makes endorsing easy

Small stickers are making a big difference to Quantum Pharmaceutical's pharmacy customers. By supplying endorsing information in the form of adhesive labels, Quantum is saving pharmacists valuable time on what is often a laborious process.

Endorsements should be accurate, concise and legible to ensure accurate payment for all medicines. Unlicensed medicines make up approximately 1% of all prescriptions processed by pharmacists, therefore endorsing can be more complex.

As a leading supplier of these products, Quantum Pharmaceutical has been devising new ways to make the process of endorsing as efficient as possible for its pharmacy customers. This began with the production of its easy-to-use endorsing guides, which remain popular with pharmacists UK-wide, and are available in PDF format, as well as in print.

Recognising that writing out precise and clear endorsements can be time-consuming for pharmacists, Quantum has recently introduced handy endorsement stickers for its unlicensed products, which come attached to all paperwork delivered with the goods.

Pharmacists simply peel off the endorsement, stick it to the prescription, and then submit it for payment.

With over 10 million specials being dispensed each year, Quantum Pharmaceutical's stickers could save countless hours and will ensure that all endorsing meets the strict requirements.

For more information on the new endorsement stickers or other products and services, call +44 (0) 1207 279400 or email