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If you don't already work with us, you might be surprised to know we're the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of unlicensed medicines (or specials) and hard-to-source products, sometimes known as 'obtains'.

As well as doing our utmost to offer a service customers consider 'best in class', choice is critical too. And with a portfolio of products extending into tens of thousands, not including our sterile injectable medicines, we like to think we've got it covered.

With 8000+ special formulations and 14,000+ special obtains at your disposal, we go to great lengths to avoid ever having to turn a customer away. If we don't make the product ourselves, we liaise with one of our 400+ closely vetted suppliers who do. Or if it's a licensed product, it's likely we can help with that too.

Our customers know us for our competitive range, all backed by expert knowledge and exceptional customer service. And that makes us a trusted ally to most of the UK's largest pharmacy multiples, pharmaceutical wholesalers, independent pharmacies, group pharmacies and dispensing doctors.

Which obtains do we offer?

Our obtains service means we track down all the hard-to-source products patients require that dispensers can't get from regular mainline wholesalers.

With access to over 400 suppliers, our portfolio grows daily and currently offers in excess of 30,000 obtain lines. This service exists to save our customers valuable time and headaches tracking down rare or niche products.

Hard-to-source products Such as
White list appliances Coloplast ostomy products
Dermatology products Veil cover cream
Food and drink Gluten-free breads
Branded generics and vitamins Vennax
Named patient Items Nabilone capsules
Borderline substances Acetylcysteine
Short supply products Mediven stockings
Made-to-measure hosiery and dressings Jobst compression stockings

If you have a rare request, put Quantum to the test.

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