Specials & obtains

Our 30-strong quality team is led by pharmacists - experts in their field whose prime role is to help us source and custom manufacture the highest calibre products. Our in-house quality experts maintain a robust quality process than ensures we not only meet, but exceed MHRA standards.

We have steadily refined and improved our quality process based on a decade of specials experience; that has meant continuously increasing the number of checks conducted by pharmacists and technicians and carrying out those checks earlier in the process. This enables us to maintain our next morning delivery promise.

Whether we manufacture products ourselves or source them from our partners, we don't compromise on quality. We closely vet our suppliers and maintain constant contact to ensure their inspection record and quality processes are closely aligned with ours.

150 steps to Quantum quality

Each of our products can undergo up to 150 checks in three phases before it leaves our premises. Here's how:

  • Desk research: the Quality Documentation Review

    Pharmacist checks documentation and labels pre- and during manufacturing to ensure correct strength, volume, quantity and expiry of ingredients.

  • Post manufacture check

    Our production team reconciles all raw materials against the agreed formulation, verifies the packaging is secure and labelling correct.

  • Final release

    Pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians conduct the last of up to 150 checks before releasing the product from our premises.

Quality at Quantum